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Fluttershy and Angel
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Hi, were you at Momocon?

Hello, I met a tall lolita at Momocon, and I was wondering if you are her. I was the guy wandering the con taking pictures, and in lolita a couple of times too.

Re: Hi, were you at Momocon?

Yes I was! :) Thanks for getting in contact so soon! It was great meeting you! How was your Sunday?

Re: Hi, were you at Momocon?

It was pretty good. Just after you left that table where we spoke I spent waaaaay too much on figures and some gifts for friends. I just barely got back to Mount Juliet TN after dropping friends off at the airport and in Huntsville AL. I can't wait for my next con!

Re: Hi, were you at Momocon?

It's so worth it, though. Figures are so gorgeous. Glad you had a safe trip home! I don't really use LJ anymore, but I'd love to add you on facebook or something if you wouldn't mind!

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