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Fluttershy and Angel
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Your mom.

(*high fives self*)

poop on your face and your horrible to read ljs >_>

I don't wear my contacts like a dumb motherfucker and it means tiny font with too many colors or light on light or dark on dark is hard to read. :(







All I have to say is that I'm late to this party, but if you don't add me back, I'm going to be sad. I THOUGHT WE WERE REIGNITING OUR OLD FLAME.


hi! my name is kim, I also live in georgia, and I'm also a mun! I found you through transliterators and saw that we shared a lot of musical tastes, and was wondering if you'd like to be friends. :]

I'd love to be friends! :3 This was a pleasant surprise, since I'm usually the one approaching people. XD We should talk sometime~

haha, despite my loudness and boisterous personality, I'm really shy when it comes to asking to be people's friends fjdsalk; so it took a little bit for me to get the courage to say hi, haha! we should, I'd like that. :] I'm on aim a lot if you ever want to talk! my sn is dim scene.

Same here! I tend to be a little awkward when first meeting people, so hopefully you won't be too weirded out by me! I'm on all the time, sn is omohide sunset.

Waggles her eyebrows from her hiding place in the van with "Free Candy" keyed into the side, beckoning you into her friends' list with a come-hither look, a glass dildo, and a bag of doritos: hot salsa style.

I don't update my journal or comment except in sporadic bursts, but ADD ME, BITCH, FO' RLZ.

Hi Aru. :P Add pl0x. AM I SLOW OR WHAT.

I was just thinking about you and I looked at LJ and realized why I never see you update anymore. omg. please add ;o; <3

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Hi, were you at Momocon?

Hello, I met a tall lolita at Momocon, and I was wondering if you are her. I was the guy wandering the con taking pictures, and in lolita a couple of times too.

Re: Hi, were you at Momocon?

Yes I was! :) Thanks for getting in contact so soon! It was great meeting you! How was your Sunday?

Re: Hi, were you at Momocon?

It was pretty good. Just after you left that table where we spoke I spent waaaaay too much on figures and some gifts for friends. I just barely got back to Mount Juliet TN after dropping friends off at the airport and in Huntsville AL. I can't wait for my next con!

Re: Hi, were you at Momocon?

It's so worth it, though. Figures are so gorgeous. Glad you had a safe trip home! I don't really use LJ anymore, but I'd love to add you on facebook or something if you wouldn't mind!

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