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Fluttershy and Angel
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hi! my name is kim, I also live in georgia, and I'm also a mun! I found you through transliterators and saw that we shared a lot of musical tastes, and was wondering if you'd like to be friends. :]

I'd love to be friends! :3 This was a pleasant surprise, since I'm usually the one approaching people. XD We should talk sometime~

haha, despite my loudness and boisterous personality, I'm really shy when it comes to asking to be people's friends fjdsalk; so it took a little bit for me to get the courage to say hi, haha! we should, I'd like that. :] I'm on aim a lot if you ever want to talk! my sn is dim scene.

Same here! I tend to be a little awkward when first meeting people, so hopefully you won't be too weirded out by me! I'm on all the time, sn is omohide sunset.

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